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10 Top Searched Vehicles on 2019

With hundreds of thousands of new and used car listings, has mined its massive cache of search data to capture the pulse of Canadian car buyers.

Although some of the findings here are pretty standard, there were some surprises. Truck listings were up 21 per cent in 2019 and the beloved Jeep Wrangler fell off the Top Searched list for the first time since 2014. Another surprise is that SUV listings dropped 5 per cent in 2019 over the previous period.

Here are the 10 Top Searched vehicles in 2019 on the marketplace.

10. Porsche 911

As one of the most iconic sports cars in history, the Porsche 911 has once again made it onto the Top 10 list. With a dizzying number of variants and models, the 911 is one of the most capable and popular sports cars on the market right now.

9. Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 has been the most popular selling SUV in Canada for the past four years, so it makes a lot of sense that it made it onto the Top 10 list again. The RAV4 is built in Ontario.

8. Toyota Corolla

The popular Toyota Corolla did not appear on last year’s Top Searched list, but this year has landed in eighth place. The compact car, which is available as a hatchback and a sedan, is one of the most popular vehicles in the world and more than 40 million have been sold since its inception. For 2019, a hybrid version also became available.

7. Ram 1500

This year, the Ram 1500 jumped from 32nd most searched vehicle in 2018 to seventh. “It’s been five years since more than one pickup made the Top 10, indicating a renewed passion for larger utility vehicles among car shoppers,” said Associate Editor Dustin Woods. The Ram 1500 was also voted by our jury of experts as the Best Truck in the 2020 Awards.

6. Chevrolet Corvette

Another iconic sports car, the Chevrolet Corvette appears on the Top Searched list often. In 2019, the new-generation C8 Corvette debuted and changed the traditional formula by moving the engine mid-ship. Although it’s no doubt the most capable Corvette yet, it might also be the most controversial.

5. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is the most popular selling sports car in the world, so its spot on the Top Searched list makes a lot of sense. With sensible four-cylinder models all the way up to fire-breathing supercar killers, there is a Mustang for every type of driver and affordable performance has always been its calling card.

4. BMW 3 Series

BMW’s popular sport sedan appears on the annual Top Searched listed a lot, and this year, its Mercedes-Benz C-Class competitor was bumped off the Top 10.

3. Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is also built in Ontario and judging by how many you see on the roads, its popularity definitely has a big role to play in its annual inclusion on the Top Searched list. The Honda CR-V may not be very exciting, but its practicality and ease of use has always impressed our experts.

2. Honda Civic

The Honda Civic is another car that always appears on the Top Searched list. Often the car that sets the benchmark for the rest of the segment, the Civic is refined and has a reputation for reliability that’s tough to argue with.

1. Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 has dominated this list for the past five years. As the world’s most popular truck, Canadians search for it a lot. From affordable work truck models to ultra luxurious lifestyle variants, the Ford F-150 will likely be the Top Searched vehicle for years to come.

Other Interesting Findings

  • This year, the Maritimes had the most trucks on its Top Searched list. The Ram 1500, Ford F-150, and Toyota Tacoma were popular out east.
  • In 2019, spring saw the year’s highest search volume.
  • Our data shows that black cars were the most commonly searched among Canadians.
  • 2019 saw a 50 per cent rise in searches for hybrids, plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles.