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Tiny Dog Takes SUV on a Short Joyride Across a 4-Lane Highway

When pigs fly, a cold day in July, when monkeys fly out of, well, you get the idea. These are things that are never going to happen. How about when dogs drive? Because that one's been happening a lot lately and this joyriding pooch is the latest.

This one comes from Slidell, L.A., where one of the littlest drivers ever has put itself behind the wheel of a Hyundai Santa Fe and decided to go for a drive. Maybe there was a voice that kept on calling him. Down the road, that's where he wants to be.

The owners were pumping gas into their crossover when the tiny chihuahua somehow managed to slide it into reverse. The Slidell Police Department said that they found a mechanical issue with the shift interlock, which normally prevents an accidental driver from moving the gear lever into reverse without first hitting the brake pedal.

Once it started rolling, one of the owners chased after the dog and crossover, sustaining a minor injury when she took a tumble. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries or damages sustained when the crossover rolled into the pumps at another gas station on the other side of the busy four-lane road.

The lesson? Be careful when you leave your doggo in the car and it's always best practice to turn your car off and use the parking brake when gassing up. Keep your dog secure in the vehicle for their safety and yours, both on the move and at a stop. There was no word on the dog's name and we apologize for the omission.

Check out the security camera footage from the gas station below: