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Hyundai's Plug-In Hybrid Concept Hints at Future Model

Hyundai today pulled the covers off its latest concept, the Vision T plug-in hybrid crossover.

Sized roughly between the brand's Tucson and Santa Fe models, the Vision T is the latest model to adopt the Sensuous Sportiness design philosophy that made its production debut on the 2020 Sonata sedan. Also borrowed from that car is hidden front signature lighting that shrouds LEDs in what looks like chrome trim when the car is turned off.

The Vision T's angular appearance also follows on the look of the 45 EV concept that Hyundai pitched earlier this year at the Frankfurt auto show.

The Vision T also has what Hyundai calls a parametric grille whose horizontal elements open at start-up and close and open as needed while the car is driving to control airflow to the powertrain and enhance fuel economy by optimizing the car's aerodynamics.

Other cool exterior tricks are taillights and a lighted Hyundai logo that wink out in sequence when the car is turned off, and exterior lights that indicate the battery's state of charge.

Hyundai offers no details about the Vision T's powertrain, other than it being a plug-in hybrid setup that presumably combines a gas engine with electric motivation.