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Fiat Chrysler 4XE Trademark May Hint At Hybrid 4x4s

Fiat Chrysler has already confirmed that it will launch a plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangler sometime in 2020 and may have uncovered a wordmark and logo related to the upcoming vehicle.

FCA US filed to reserve the "4XE" wordmark this week, along with a related "4XE" logo. The logo is particularly interesting, as the "E" appears to be designed to resemble a plug, with two horizontal prongs sticking out of it and pointing toward the "X".

It seems possible this logo will be used on the plug-in hybrid Jeep Wrangler in place of the regular "4X4" badge that appears on standard versions of the popular off-roader. The "4XE" badge could also be used to denote other future all-wheel-drive Jeep hybrid vehicles as well.

As a reminder, Jeep showed off concept versions of the Compass Hybrid and Renegade Hybrid at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show back in March. These models used an electric motor to power the rear wheels, while the conventional gas motor drove the front wheels. They didn't feature 4XE badging, but rather a "4X4E" badge with a similarly stylized "E" (below). It seems FCA is looking at dropping the second "4" in the badge and moving the "E" over one spot for future production Jeep models.

FCA filed to reserve this trademark with New Zealand's patent office, but this isn't indicative of much - automakers file trademarks in all sorts of different markets before launching them.

If FCA does indeed plan to use the 4XE name on a production model, we should see it pop up sometime in 2020 or not long after.