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Trademark Filings Hint at Potential Genesis EVs

Hyundai's Genesis luxury sub-brand may have a new line of battery-electric vehicles or plug-ins on the way, if new trademark filings from the Korean automaker are any indication. has found numerous trademark filings from Hyundai apparently intended for electrified Genesis vehicles, including "eG70", "eG80", and "eG90". G70, G80, and G90 are the names of Genesis' compact, mid-size, and full-size luxury sedans, so these trademarks suggest the automaker is considering full-EV or plug-in variants of the four-doors.

Genesis has also filed to reserve the names "eGV70", "eGV80", and "eGV90". It is believed that Genesis will apply the "GV" prefix to its upcoming line of crossovers, and these would be the electrified variants, ranging in size from compact to full-size.

The trademarks were filed with the Malaysian patent office, though we wouldn't infer too much from this – automakers don't always file trademark applications with the markets they initially plan to sell the vehicles in.

Media reports support the idea that Genesis is working on both electric sedans and SUVs. Earlier this year, Australian publication Drive said the Korean luxury brand was working on both a fully electric sedan and a fully electric SUV. Genesis brand boss Manfred Fitzgerald also went on record to confirm the development of an electric Genesis vehicle platform when speaking to Drive.

“We are very well positioned with alternative technologies," Fitzgerald said. "For now we are focused on the near term. In 2021 we have our first fully dedicated new EV platform and that is the timeframe where we will also enter into Australia with a full EV, only a couple of years away. We are moving very fast on this.”

Furthermore, Genesis showed off its Mint Concept earlier this year, a fully electric design study. Interestingly, the Mint wasn't a sedan or a crossover, but rather a two-seat city car that was described by the Korean company as a "lightweight runabout," intended to re-envision style-forward urban transportation. This could mean Genesis wants to cover all possible bases with regard to emissions-free transport – from sedans to crossovers and city cars.

We'll bring you official details on Genesis' electric vehicle plans once they become available.