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Electrify Canada Announces Smartphone App, Charging Station Fee Structure

Electrify Canada today revealed the fee structure for its forthcoming cross-Canada network of electric vehicle charging stations – starting with the Toronto-area station that opened this week – along with details of a smartphone app through which users will be able to pay for their charging time.

Volkswagen-owned Electrify Canada opened its first charging station this week at an upscale mall in the west end of the Greater Toronto area.

The company offers two per-minute charging rate plans designed for occasional and frequent users, each with three cost tiers based on the charging speed. A base plan costs $0.27/min for up to a charging rate up to 75 kW, $0.77/min up to 125 kW, and $1.07/min at speeds up to 350 kW. You'll also be charged a $1 session fee.

A Pass+ upgrade plan carries a $4/month subscription fee, but comes with lower per-minute costs: $0.21/min, $0.59/min and $0.82/min for the 75, 125 and 350 kW charging speeds, respectively.

Per minute rates are set automatically, as the car will communicate with the charger to set the kW output to what the vehicle's charging system and battery can handle. Electrify Canada will also charge a $0.40/min idle fee if you leave your car plugged in after it's done charging.

Electrify Canada's new smartphone app allows users to initiate charging and pay with their devices using near-field communication (NFC) technology, after loading payment information into the app. Another option is to use the app to look up the charging station the car is plugged into and swipe the smartphone's screen to start the charging session.

Electrify's app allows users to track charging progress, showing the vehicle's state-of-charge, and will show users' charging history. The app also helps users find an available charging station. Of the four charge points at the Toronto station, three offer up to 150 kW capability, and a fourth is good for 350 kW.

Electrify Canada's chargers will also allow users to swipe a credit card on the charging station itself (at base plan rates). Electrify is not alone in offering that ability, but it is among the minority; for example, according to PlugInBC, British Columbia's ChargePoint network lets users pay with any credit card with a contactless RFID chip.