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Fastest Lambo Ever: New Lamborghini Sián is a V12 Hybrid

Normal automakers use hybrid technology to make cars kinder to the environment and to help customers save fuel - but "fuel economy" and "emissions" are words that probably aren't heard very often within the walls of Lamborghini's head office.

The Italian manufacturer pulled the veil from the new Lamborghini Sián this week, which will be its first-ever production hybrid vehicle. Just 63 units will be produced, however, so while this is a production vehicle, it will be built in very limited numbers and will likely be offered to only the most loyal of Lamborghini customers. We wouldn't be surprised if this supercar is alreday sold out.

Powering the Sián is a new V12 engine of undisclosed displacement. That's right - Lamborghini also used its first production hybrid vehicle as a vessel to debut its next-generation V12 engine. How fitting. The massive 12-cylinder engine makes 785 horsepower and is paired with a 34-horsepower, 48-volt electric motor that has been integrated into the transmission.

The 819-horsepower gas-hybrid powertrain will enable the Sián to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds making it the quickest Lamborghini yet. The Italian company says it is also the fastest Lamborghini of all time, but stopped short of providing an exact top speed figure, only saying that it will reach speeds of over 350 km/h  - or 217 mph.

Key to the Sián's lively performance is its energy storage system, which is recharged via regenerative braking. Instead of using a lithium-ion battery to store electric energy, the vehicle uses super-capacitors. A super capacitor drains quickly compared to batteries, but it also refills at a much higher rate. That means the Sián's hybrid system fully recharges every time the vehicle's brakes are used, providing instantaneous torque on corner exit.

“The Sián is a masterpiece in possibilities,” Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali said in a statement. “Not only does the Sián deliver a formidable hyper-car design and engineering tour de force today, it augments the potential for Lamborghini as a super sports car brand for tomorrow and for decades to come, even as hybridization becomes more desirable and inevitably essential. The Lamborghini Sián represents the first step in Lamborghini’s route to electrification, and expedites our next-generation V12 engine."

The Lamborghini Sián will make its first in-person appearance at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany. Those 63 lucky customers will likely take delivery of their cars next year or in 2021. Each vehicle will be built to the customer's own specification, so prices will vary based on the options chosen.