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Aston Martin Will Build You An Actual Lair to Fulfill Your Automotive Supervillain Fantasies

The latest in automotive luxury from Aston Martin is a lair. We're not even exaggerating here. It's called Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs and it's designed to give you a place to put your ride that's as special as the car you're putting in it. Under the ocean or on a mountainside.

It's not Aston's first venture into real estate. The Aston Martin Residences condo building broke ground earlier this month in Miami. But this one doesn't require you to move, instead letting you upgrade your current pad.

It's run through the automaker's Q by Aston Martin personalization service. Normally they handle special cars, but this time they're working their magic on somewhere to put your car. Aston says that the lairs are a chance for customers to work with the Aston Martin design team, as well as renowned architects. Aston's Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman has already worked with designers on the Aston condos, the House of Aston Martin Aoyama in Tokyo, and on numerous dealerships.

“Imagine a home or luxury retreat built around your car,” said Reichman. “Picture creating the ultimate space to showcase your own automotive works of art. This is now achievable with this new offering. For the car enthusiast the garage is as important as the rest of the house and a bespoke auto gallery designed by Aston Martin that either focuses on showing off the car or is part of a larger, integrated entertainment space with simulators and such like, takes Aston Martin ownership to the next level.”

The photos Aston's showing off make it clear that they're more than familiar with how to build a lair. Under the sea, under a pool, nestled in the mountains, and hidden under a stately manner. With a Valkyrie hypercar. Or a DB5. And a tux. And a sweet wine cellar. Sure Bond normally drives the Aston, but these places are one hundred percent Blofeld. No word on if they'll help you outfit your sharks with laser beams.

Of course, they don't need to go full-out movie villain. You can get something more understated, too. From a display of a single heritage car in a period-correct garage. Or all the way up to a full museum. It's a little more unusual for an automaker to branch into architecture, but this is our kind of crossover.