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Accidental Off-Roading: Watch Someone Drive Down Some Stairs in Vancouver

We wish we were surprised by the video that we are about to share with you, but as residents of a major Canadian city, we were unfortunately not at all shocked to this poor display of driving that was filmed in downtown Vancouver.

The video, embedded below, shows a driver in a silver Acura RDX that is parked on the upper portion of a large flight of stairs located at Vancouver's Sheraton Wall Centre hotel. They allegedly thought the parking lot continued and did not see where the stairs begun. Instead of calling a tow truck and having it pull their vehicle up the small section of stairs that they had already driven down, the driver decides to take matters into their own hands. After putting the vehicle back in drive, they smash down the rest of the large flight of stairs in the little crossover, damaging them on the way down. The RDX, for its part, handled the task with aplomb, although judging from the scraping and crunching sounds in the video, it may well have been its last off-road foray.

The driver allegedly shouted at passersby gawking at the antics, claiming they "can't see" and instructing the onlookers to stop taking pictures of the impromptu urban descent.

The funniest part of this video comes when the RDX reaches the bottom of the stairs and the driver casually flips the indicator light on to merge, as if they had just taken a perfectly normally route onto the road. 

According to the Vancouver Police, the motorist was charged under the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act.