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Aston Martin Reveals Production DBS GT Zagato Exterior

Aston Martin revealed what its limited-production DBS GT Zagato will look like when it reaches the marketplace next year. Aston previously revealed concept drawings of the car, whose design was inspired by the DB4 GT Zagato, the car that kicked off the partnership between Aston Martin and Italy's Zagato 60 years ago.

Notably, each DBS GT Zagato buyer will also get a new DB4 GT Zagato Continuation. Aston Martin is building 19 historically accurate replicas of the classic model, and each will be paired with one of 19 DBS GT Zagato models. The pairing was conceived to celebrate the classic car's 60th anniversary and the 100th birthday of Zagato's automotive engineering business.

Buyers who can swing the roughly CAD$10 million price tag will also get to enjoy the new car's cool design cues. Up front, an active grille is made up of 108 carbon fibre sections that sit flush with the sheet metal when the car is parked and flutter open when the car's V12 engine is started. Out back, a full-length carbon fibre roof panel occupies the space where you'd normally find a rear window. A camera-based rearview mirror provides rearward visibility.

Aston Martin has yet to specify how potent the DBS GT Zagato's engine will be, but it's a fair assumption that it will boast at least the 715 hp and 663 lb-ft torque ratings of the engine in the Superleggera, the car that serves as the DBS GT's starting point.

Aston says it will begin production of the DBS GT Zagato in 2020, following its recreation of the class DB4 GT Zagato this year.