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BC Reduces Max EV Incentive

On Saturday, the British Columbia government quietly cut back its Clean Energy Vehicles for British Columbia (CEVforBC) provincial electric vehicle rebate amounts.

In a press release titled, "B.C. tops up electric vehicle rebate program," the government's Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Ministry announced that effective June 22, it has cut rebates to $3,000 for battery, fuel-cell and long-range PHEVs, and $1,500 for shorter-range PHEVs.

Those figures are down from the program's previous rebates of $6,000 for fuel cell models, $5,000 for battery electrics and anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 for PHEVs. The revised program rules also reduce the price cap to $55,000 from $77,000.

The British Columbia government says that vehicles purchased or reserved prior to June 22 are eligible for the old amounts.

Reading between the lines of B.C.'s press release, the changes seem to align with the federal rebates introduced on May 1 of this year. The province also says the updated program "will ensure it remains accessible and supports even more British Columbians in getting their first clean energy vehicle," which suggests the program was getting too expensive. As we reported at the end of May, B.C. was quickly burning through its CEVforBC budget allocation.