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Apple Giving CarPlay Massive Overhaul

Apple has just announced what it's calling the biggest update to its CarPlay connectivity software ever just weeks after Google made the same announcement for its Android Auto software.

The news came yesterday at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The system will get a complete refresh and an updated look. Of course, it will come bundled with iOS 13, so you'll need an iPhone 6S or newer to get the update.

As part of the updated look, there will be a new dashboard view able to show multiple apps in just one view instead of the one app at a time like the current system, so Maps and Music can be used simultaneously. The calendar app will also be updated, and the Music app will more prominently feature album art and new music discovery options. Maps will also get a junction view to improve ease of navigation.

Other updates include a change so that opening an app on your phone won't open it on-screen. So, for example, "passengers can pick a song on the device while the driver can keep looking at Maps," Apple says. It also gives automakers the opportunity to allow CarPlay to show up on the digital dash display or even in the head-up display, once automakers take advantage.

Siri, Apple's digital assistant, will now work with third-party apps, and Apple says it's working on full Hey Siri support using the in-car mic. Finally, Apple will add a Do Not Disturb While Driving feature that blocks notifications to the phone when, yup, you're driving. Which could help decrease distraction.

The beta version of iOS 13 is already here, for those in a testing mood, with the full version expected in September