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Buick Giving Encore an Encore, Adding Larger Encore GX Model

Buick has just announced that it will be getting a new compact crossover. Bridging the gap between its two smallest models will be the 2020 Buick Encore GX.

The Encore GX will fit between the Encore and the Envision. Buick's not giving out many specs for their latest crossover, but did say that it will have 142 L more room in the back than the Encore, and 85 L less than the Envision. With the current Encore at 1,371 L, that gives the GX 1,513 L of space for stuff.

The vehicle, which was first unveiled in Shanghai last month, but not confirmed for Canadian sales before now, gets a much more stylish look than its other siblings. It's the same styling language, but the Encore GX photos show a vehicle with far more curves and much more scalloped and creased sides than Buick's other crossovers.

Buick says that 90 percent of its sales in Canada are crossovers, which is why they're moving to offer more of them to try and keep that volume climbing.

Specifications other than the cargo space are lacking, but Buick did say that the new model will come with many of the brand's driver aids like front pedestrian braking, automatic emergency braking, forward collision alerts, and lane keeping assist with lane departure warnings. This Buick will also get the brand's rear camera mirror that uses a rear-mounted HD camera and a video screen in the rear view mirror to give the driver a rear view unobstructed by the back of the vehicle or cargo and passengers.

The Encore GX is set to arrive early next year as a 2020 model, and Buick says pricing and specs will be announced when they start showing up at dealers.