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Latest Kia Recall Aims To Prevent Stalls

Kia is recalling more than 100,000 vehicles in Canada to update engine control software in a bid to prevent engine stalls.

The Korean automaker has split the recall into two campaigns for affected examples of its Sorento and Sportage SUVs and Optima sedan. Transport Canada recall 2019153 covers 2011-2013 versions of the Optima and Sportage and 2012-2014 Sorento models. Meanwhile, recall 2019143 looks after 2014-2018 Optima and Sportage models and 2015-2018 Sorento utilities.

Transport Canada's recall notice doesn't provide much detail, other than to say the software update is designed "to detect potential problems before an engine fails." It's not clear to us whether the problem is with the software itself or if the new computer controls will detect signs of mechanical trouble.

In 2017, Kia recalled some of the same vehicles -- 2011-2013 Optima and Sportage and 2012-2014 Sorento models -- with four-cylinder engines because of the potential for metallic debris left over from the manufacturing process to block oil flow and cause engine bearing failure.

The latest Transport Canada notices says that some vehicles repaired under a previous service campaign already have the updated software.

Kia says it will notify the owners of affected cars and ask them to take their vehicles to a dealer to have the new software installed.