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Porsche Taycan EV Buyers Receive Sneak Preview

Those eager enough to be among the first to own the Porsche Taycan EV received computer wallpaper renderings from the automaker this week of what the production car will look like when deliveries begin later this year.

These are sketches of a production car that look more like a concept than the high-quality photos of the Mission-E concept that were our first taste of what Porsche's first production EV would look like. The world is a strange place.

Porsche's sketches show a wider opening in the lower front bumper that's framed by LED headlights and other details that are faithful to the Mission-E concept.

Likewise, the Taycan sketch's taillights are true to the Mission-E. Again, the differences are in the lower part of the bumper: The sketch has red reflectors as required by law in many jurisdictions, and a single aero outlet in the bumper valance where the Mission-E has two smaller sections sliced out of its bumper.

Porsche has still not finalized (or has simply chosen not to publish) technical specs for the Taycan. As we reported last summer, the company is promising more than 600 hp and acceleration times of 3.5 seconds to 100 km/h and  200 200 km/h in less than 12 seconds. The Taycan will also have an 800-volt battery that Porsche says will be good for more than 500 km of range. It is compatible with 800-volt chargers that don't exist yet, but will theoretically add 400 km of driving range in about the time it takes to fill the gas tank and use the restroom.