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McLaren Launches Track-Ready 600LT Spider

McLaren's going long with their latest car. But it's ok, they're open! Or at least the roof is. It's the 600LT Spider. The LT is for Longtail.

From McLaren, Longtail means quite literally that. It's longer bodywork at the rear that adds downforce and reduces drag. The name debuted with the nine F1 GTR racers that the automaker sent to (and dominated at) the 24 Hours of Lemans back in 1997. On today's cars, the name still means longer bodywork, but it also means the most focused performance model in the car's series. Better aero, less weight and more power. This 600LT Spider is the fifth car to wear the name.

So how much longer is the 600LT compared with the 570S? McLaren has actually buried that info about four links deep. Maybe because at 4,604 mm it's only actually 74 mm longer than the "base" 570S. Though that's missing the point really, because there's much more to the LT package. Like more power.

The 3.8 L twin-turbo V8 gets 30 more horsepower for a total of 592, along with 457 lb-ft of torque to go with it - same as the closed-roof 600LT. The transmission is a twin-clutch seven-speed unit.

There's less weight too, especially if you tick all the option boxes. It's 50 kg heftier than the hardtop model, but up to 100 kg lighter than the 570S Spider. That puts the dry weight at as little as 1,297 kg. Or 1,406 with fluids and a full tank of gas. To get that minimum weight requires the MSO Clubsport pack which swaps out the carbon seats from the P1 for even lighter ones from the Senna. And carbon fibre interior bits. And titanium wheel bolts. That gives you 5.6 kg of the 100 kg savings.

You also sacrifice air conditioning and an audio system to the lightweight gods, but the only music you'll want to hear is through the rear window designed "simply to allow more of the exhaust sound into the cabin." The three-piece power roof works at speeds up to 40 km/h, and new top-exit exhausts make sure you'll hear plenty of that engine when the roof is down. 

McLaren says that the 600LT Spider has track-honed dynamics, offering the same experience as the coupe. But with a little more exhilaration from the open top. Orders open now, but this hand-built car will be very limited volume.