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Jaguar Land Rover Gives New Meaning to Going Green

While we acknowledge the necessity of traffic signals, there's no arguing against the frustration of getting stuck at red light after red light when driving through the city.

But Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) thinks its latest V2X technology trial, the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, or GLOSA, will eliminate (or at least reduce) that frustration.

GLOSA is a feature the British luxury automaker wants to add to future vehicles that will tell a driver what speed to travel at in order avoid having to stop at red lights.

Any tech that promises to let cars communicate with anything else is yet another precursor to autonomous vehicles, but GLOSA acknowledges that humans will be in control of vehicles for some time yet.

Jaguar Land Rover says that GLOSA's aim is to "prevent drivers from racing to beat the lights and improve air quality by reducing harsh acceleration and/or braking near lights." 

JLR is also testing what it calls Intersection Collision Warning (ICW), which can provide an alert if an unseen vehicle is approaching from another direction. ICW can also suggest the most efficient order for the vehicles to proceed through the intersection.

The tech trial is being funded by the UK government.