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Aston Martin Confirms DBX Name For Crossover Debut

Aston Martin has confirmed its first-ever crossover model will be called DBX when it goes into production about a year from now.

The Brit sports car maker has begun testing prototype versions of the SUV, including taking one for a tear along a Welsh rally stage, footage of which you can watch in the video below.

Aston says it had to develop new testing procedures for the DBX. This being the brand's first utility model, the automaker extended its "dynamic envelope" to include multi-terrain and towing capabilities. While the DBX will prioritize on-road performance, it sounds to us like the company recognizes that some buyers will expect the vehicle to be capable of more utilitarian functions, too.

Aston Martin's announcement is light on technical details about the DBX, but the video and images clearly show a four-door, mid-size body. Size-wise, that will place the car right in the middle of the upscale utility segment.

But don't expect Aston to have any interest in competing for buyers with six-cylinder, $75,000 Porsche Cayennes and BMW X5s. As far as what will power the production DBX, Aston says the car will be built at the St. Athan factory that has already been tapped as the brand's future "Home of Electrification," which leads us to speculate the SUV could come with a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) powertrain.

Whether it's fitted with hybrid or gas power, look for the DBX to boast something like 450 hp and a price tag well into six-figure territory.