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Harley-Davidson Shows Production Livewire Electric Motorcycle

Harley-Davidson showed off the production version of the electric Livewire motorcycle earlier this week. That means more details about the first production EV bike from a major manufacturer, but it doesn't mean we get range, power, and price just yet.

The reveal came at the EICMA, the Milan Motorcycle Show, one of the largest bike trade shows in the world. The company announced that the Livewire, in this form, was due for release next year.

Project Livewire was first shown in prototype form back in 2014. An effort to gauge interest in a Harley that didn't thump. Apparently, interest was high.

The bike gets a permanent magnet electric motor, which the company says will deliver instant torque and "incredible acceleration performance." Nothing new for an electrified vehicle there. Harley also adds that it will be mounted low to improve handling at all speeds. Importantly, the company says it's "designed to produce a tone that increases in pitch and volume with speed." So it won't have the company's traditional engine note, but it is designed to have sound character.

Electrical power will come from a lithium-ion pack that can be charged through an on-board Level 1 (household plug) charger, but Level 2 and Level 3 fast-charging is possible. Like the power figure, battery specs are being held back for now. Expect those details in January.

The chassis uses the motor as a stressed member and is aluminum for lower weight. It features a fully-adjustable Showa suspension with a mono-shock in the rear. Braking comes from Brembo callipers. The tires will be Michelin Scorchers, 180mm in the rear and 120 up front.

Seven selectable ride modes including four rider presets are available and both ABS and traction control will come standard.

More tech features on the Livewire will include a digital dashboard display that can tilt to offer a better angle for more riders. It will allow access to navigation and Bluetooth connectivity.

With the Livewire set to go on sale next August Harley-Davidson says to expect pricing, and so likely range and power, to be released in January.