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Mercedes-Benz Goes G-sharp with the G-Class

Over-the-top SUVs like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class have long been associated with the music industry thanks to strong links to certain genres of popular music and frequent appearances in music videos.

Fittingly, the G-Class has now practically become a genre in its own right thanks to a tie-up between Benz and a Toronto-based music industry non-profit that used the SUV's mechanical sounds as the basis for a series of musical creations.

The Remix Project is an organization that looks to further the music industry careers and creative education of people from “disadvantaged, marginalized and under-served” communities.

To bring Benz’s idea to life, Remix grad and mentor Spencer “Moose” Musico rolled the G-Class into a recording studio to capture 111 of the more compelling aspects of the SUV’s "found" sounds. Then, a dozen producers, all of whom are also grads of The Remix Project, used those samples, which include the closing of a door and the popping of the power locks, as a starting point to create their own beats.

The Remix Project’s executive director, Annalie Bonda, said that even the organization’s current group of participants got in on the action, whether by helping with the music itself or promoting or documenting the producers’ work.

Today, Mercedes and The Remix Project released the tracks produced using the G-Class’s sounds in a Spotify streaming playlist, which you can listen to here.