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2019 Raptor Gets Off-Road Cruise Control

Ford is making it easier to cruise in the F-150 Raptor. New this year is Trail Control, which is like cruise control for off-road.

The system works by managing the throttle and braking for you. Like adaptive cruise control does for you on the highway, only this one is set up for climbing rocks and boulders, not edging you through bumper to bumper gridlock.

It will work in all 4x4 modes and can be activated at speeds from 2 km/h to 32 km/h. If those numbers sound odd, it's from 1 mph to 20 mph. The cruise control of many vehicles still works in mph in the computer.

If it encounters obstacles off-road, it won't just turn off like normal cruise would do. It can also direct torque to the wheels with grip and then brake each wheel individually to make sure that the truck falls smoothly off the other side of the rock. Ford says it will help you dig out of sand, should you get stuck in "extreme sand." Which we think is sand with a rad attitude, or that's had too many energy drinks.

Ford says that it will arrive with the 2019 Raptor later this year. Trail Control will also be available on the 2019 Ranger, arriving next year.