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New Silverado Features Help Make Towing Easier

To go along with the new bigger bed, Chevrolet is giving the new Silverado some features designed to make towing easier. Like a new app, new camera options, and easier-to-understand warning labels.

The 2019 Silverado will come with a new myChevrolet app that's designed to make trailering easier for owners. The app adds pre-departure checklists that can take the owner through the process step by step. There's also a glossary of towing terms in case you think that tongue weight has something to do with the popsicle stick at the doctor's office.

The app also helps turn a trailer light test into a one-person job. Instead of someone in the driver's seat and another person walking around the vehicle, the app allows for an automated light check. You only need one person to do the walk-around.

A new Advanced Trailering System is standard on LTZ and High Country and available on other trims. It adds parking brake assist that will automatically set the parking brake if you're using the hitch-view camera. It's set up to stop that frustrating roll if you line up the hitch ball then put the truck in park on an incline. The system has a trailer tire pressure monitoring system that lets the driver add tire pressure sensors to the trailer tires. The pressures, and even temperatures, can be monitored from the infotainment system. That alerts the driver to flats, but could also help warn of failing bearings heating up. The back-up camera adds hitch guidance with dynamic guidelines designed to help you line up with your trailer.

The advanced system comes with an additional app that lets drivers track mileage, fuel economy, and transmission temperatures while towing. The system lets customers save up to five trailers, which helps track trailer use for preventative maintenance. It will also store the brake gain settings for each trailer, so that the driver doesn't need to set it each time for multiple trailers.

Helping keep your trailer safe, Trailer Theft Alert activates the truck's lights and horn if the trailer wire harness is unplugged from the truck. OnStar customers can get a theft alert via phone, text, or email.

Chevrolet has added cameras to the side mirrors to create an ultra-wide 270-degree trailer camera view package. Along with the camera in the tailgate, this offers a better view when backing up a trailer. There is also an available accessory camera that can be mounted to the trailer to help drivers see behind their cargo.

Finally, Chevrolet has added a more comprehensive trailering label. With hundreds of different configurations of truck, each can have different safe payload and tow ratings. The new label is matched with the VIN of the truck and gives specific maximum payload, and tongue weight ratings, along with the curb weight, as well as the usual gross vehicle weight and combined weight ratings. The old-style sticker had only the gross vehicle weight rating along with the axle ratings. Those tell you your maximum truck weight but don't help you calculate payload or tongue weights.

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado goes on sale this fall.