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Ontario Unplugs EV and Home Charging Incentives

The Ontario Electric Vehicle Incentive Program gave new car buyers in that province the biggest financial incentives to buy electric in the country, and among the largest in the world. That program has now been cancelled.

The announcement from the Ministry of Transportation came late yesterday. It's just a week after the new government cancelled the province's emissions cap and trade program. That program funded the EV and home charging incentives. Dropping the emissions pricing was a major campaign issue for premier Doug Ford, who had vowed it would be his first act after taking power as part of an effort to trim 10 cents per litre from gas prices.

For buyers who have already taken delivery of their EV, as long as it is registered, delivered, and plated before July 11th, the up to $14,000 incentive will still apply. It will also apply to cars in dealer inventory or with confirmed manufacturer orders made prior to July 11, as long as those cars are delivered, registered, and plated before September 10th.

The move cancels the EV charging station incentive program as well, although any stations purchased or installed before July 11 will still get their incentive as long as the application is submitted within 60 days of the 11th.