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2019 Chevrolet Volt Charges Faster, Regens Harder

The Chevrolet Volt is getting some revisions for 2019, like faster charging, new infotainment, and a host of small changes Chevrolet says improves the convenience of the plug-in.

The big news is the faster Level 2 charging. The Volt is getting a 7.2 kW system, meaning it can charge twice as fast as before on the proper 240V circuit. That's up to twice the gain in range if you plug in for an hour, and the ability to charge fully in as little as 2.3 hours. That new system comes standard on Premier and optional on LT.

For drivers who want to use less gas in winter, the Volt will now allow the activation of the engine (and the heat that comes with it) to be set to lower temperatures, now to as low as -25°C. Previously, it could only be deferred as low as -10°C.

New regenerative braking profiles enable more regen braking when drivers let off the accelerator. The updates also give it what Chevrolet calls a smoother feeling operation.

The infotainment system gets an upgrade to a new version that adds an Energy App. The app shows drivers how driving style, route, weather, and climate settings impact range. The old system gave a numerical score, but the new will show the impact based on actual mileage.

Under the driver, a six-way power adjustable seat is available for the first time. The cloth versions of the seats offer a new pattern. The rear-view camera is now digital instead of analogue, which should offer a better view rearward. A new tire inflation alert beeps the horn when you've filled the tire. Chevrolet has also added a new blackout package that comes with sports pedals, black bowties, and 17-inch wheels.

The 2019 Volt arrives this fall.