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Nissan Cuts Leaf's Roof to Celebrate Sales Milestone

Nissan's latest Leaf is helping you get closer to nature. The concept Leaf Open Car is a topless version of the automaker's latest electric car.

The open-air Leaf was introduced in Tokyo, at an event to celebrate 100,000 sales of the car in Japan since the model was introduced in 2010. The company has sold more than 320,000 worldwide. Along with the show car, Nissan hosted a forum with company execs and local officials to discuss a zero-emission society.

Unlike the equally odd, but made it to production Murano Cross Cabriolet, this Leaf gets its steel top removed, but there appears to be no fabric to replace it. So if you park your Leaf Open Car under a tree, it's going to be a Leaf full of leaves.

Since this is a one-off, practicality isn't really an issue. The open roof is the goal, and the Leaf Open Car delivers. A silent electric convertible just makes sense, after all.

The roof isn't the only thing chopped. Look closely, and the rear doors are gone too. It also looks to be a four-seater instead of the five-seats of the produciton car, with an oddly tall rear bench.

It's business as usual in the powertrain department, with a 147 hp electric motor and 40 kHw battery pack.