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BMW Heats up M5 with Competition Model

A faster, sharper, more honed BMW M5 is here. The M5 competition adds power, top speed, and handling prowess to the already capable super sedan.

The latest in the BMW Competition lineup adds more M to BMW's big sedan. It will sit in the lineup alongside the M3, M4, and recently announced M2 Competition cars. It's the second time the M5 has gotten the treatment, with BMW saying that 40 percent of last-gen M5s got the package.

It starts with an extra 17 hp, bringing the M5's 4.4L twin-turbo V8 to 617 hp. Peak torque stays at 553 lb-ft, but it's spread over 160 more rpm. It keeps the power band flatter for just a little bit longer at high rpm. The car can now hit 100 km/h from a stop in just 3.1 seconds and arrive at 200 km/h in 10.8. That's 0.3 seconds faster than the base model. Top speed will be 304 km/h with an optional package that lifts the speed limiter.

The M5 Competition gets an M Sport exhaust with a flap that allows a sportier and more distinctive exhaust. That's code for "it gets real loud" when the driver turns up the volume using the M Sound Control button. There is a quiet mode too, so you don't wake up the neighbours on an early Sunday drive.

The chassis is upped as well, starting with M-specific bushings. The chassis is lowered seven mm, and the springs are 10 percent stiffer front and rear. The front sway bar gets a redesigned mounted, and the rear bar is both stiffer and mounted with ball joints to reduce excess movement. The dampers are revised and there is a special Variable Damper Control system. Even the engine mounts are Competition-specific. They're more than 55 percent stiffer, which BMW says improves engine response and turn-in precision.

Putting the power to the ground and keeping things stuck, the M5 competition has 20-inch alloys with 275 front and 285mm-wide rear tires. Bringing them to a halt are low-weight six-piston front callipers. Carbon ceramic brakes are optional.

To let passers-by, or maybe those being passed is more appropriate, know that you're in a Competition model, it has gloss black door handles and morros, plush mesh in the M gills. The M5 trunk badge also gains Competition lettering. Inside it has black seat belts with an M stripe pattern.

The M5 Competition should arrive later this year, with production starting in July.