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2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 set to pace Indy 500

Today, the IndyCar Series announced its pace car for the 2018 Indianapolis 500, the 102nd running of the famed motor race. Like last season, it’s a Corvette but unlike last season, it’s a 755 horsepower ZR1 as opposed to a Grand Sport coupe. The race cars themselves make between 500-700 hp so that means that the pace car will actually have more power than the IndyCars do. It also means that if there weren’t rules stipulating how quickly the car can lap the track, the teams would have to work extra hard to get their cars back on track before the pace car comes around; it has a 212 mph top speed, after all.

The latest pace car was revealed alongside a host of other Corvette pacers through the years; after all, it’s the 15th time a Corvette has paced the event, a trend that started back in 1978 with the black-and-grey C3 Stingray which has been replicated many times over the years by collectors. Since then, the Corvette has paced the race more than any other car.

The best part? With the exception of the graphics and safety strobe system, the PaceR1 (our name, not theirs) is built with parts that anyone who wants a model of their own can get, including:

  • 6.2L, 755 hp, 715 lb-ft supercharged V8
  • 8-speed paddle-shift auto
  • ZTK Performance package
  • Magnetic ride control suspension
  • Brembo carbon ceramic brakes
  • 19-inc front and 20-inch rear chrome wheels
  • Performance data recorder

Of course, more than just providing the pace car, Chevrolet provides engines to much of the IndyCar field.

The 102nd Indianapolis 500 runs Sunday, May 27.