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Report: 600+ HP Alfa Giulia Coupe On Way

According to a new report, Alfa Romeo is chopping two doors from the Giulia sedan to make the already gorgeous sedan into a stunning coupe. And if that's not enough, the same report suggests a supercar-like 641 hp from an F1-style hybrid system.

The Giulia coupe is coming, according to Autocar's report. It would be launched solidly at the BMW M4 and Mercedes-AMG C63 coupe but could put those monsters to shame.

That's because the report says two hybrid powertrains are on the way using an energy recovery mild hybrid system that could give the cars a big power shock.

How about a 2.0L turbo four with a combined 345 hp output. Or a 2.9L turbo V6 that makes an astounding 641 hp. That's supercar-level power in a sport coupe. It's also more than enough to tame the C63 S V8's 503 hp.

Alfa's regular Giulia powertrains will probably also appear. That turbo 2.0 with 280 hp and the Quadrifoglio's 505 hp V6.

The Giulia is already one of the best-looking four-door cars on the market, and a coupe's roofline wouldn't hurt the looks one bit. It could also end up as a four-door coupe with a hatch, according to the report.

The car could appear as soon as the end of this year and is rumoured to get a Sprint badge when it goes on sale in 2019.