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Tesla Model 3 Canadian Pricing Confirmed

The launch of the Tesla Model 3 in Canada is getting closer. One more step in that process is the just announced price: the Model 3 will start from just under $46,000.

Tesla's first effort at a mainstream electric has gotten off to a sluggish start. While they received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders, production has taken longer than expected to ramp up. Now, the automaker is seeing more cars rolling off the line, so is starting deliveries outside of the US.

As in the US, the first cars to come to Canada won't be the entry-level model. They will be the long-range car, in single-motor rear-wheel drive, and with premium upgrades. That car offers 499 km of range and starts from $64,100.

As far as that car's arrival, Tesla is saying that the first cars should arrive here in mid-2018. The dual-motor all-wheel drive model is still set for mid-late 2018, although it's not likely that it will be available at the Canadian launch. The base model with a 354 km range is scheduled for early next year.

Tesla Model 3 Canadian pricing:
Model 3 short range $45,600
Model 3 long range with premium upgrades $64,100