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This is the Most Luxurious Mercedes in the World

The longest and most luxurious Mercedes is getting an update. The ultimate in exclusivity from Mercedes-Maybach wears a new grille, has an even more opulent interior, and gets more power.

The Pullman is the Mercedes-Maybach limousine. A whopping 6,500 mm long, it's 785 mm longer than a Chevrolet Suburban. The refresh starts with a new radiator grille. The thin vertical struts were inspired by a pinstriped suit. the new grille was first seen in the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept of 2016. 20-inch alloys that look wonderfully like the design of earlier S-class models.

Under the hood of the newly badged S 650 model is a twin-turbo 6.0L V12 that has an output of 630 hp and a nice round 1,000 Nm of torque. That's 738 lb-ft. That's plenty of power and torque to whisk heads of state and plutocrats off in unstrained comfort.

Ready through the Mercedes-Maybach description of the interior, and it's clear that they really do look at this Pullman like its namesake train car. "It provides space for a generously sized and tastefully appointed club lounge in the rear." Not a rear seat, a rear club lounge!

There is seating for four in the rear, but clearly, only two of those passengers are important. Those two get first class seats that recline and have a power armrest. They also have more legroom than my living room. Jump seats up against the centre divider allow for two rear-facing passengers.

The seats are quilted leather, with integrated pillows. The interior is covered in leather, with the quilted pattern continuing throughout. The railcar on tires has integrated champagne flutes, and curtains for every window. Buyers can have the interior trimmed in new magma grey, mahogany brown, and silk beige/deep sea blue colours, exclusive to the Pullman.

The Pullman offers a front facing camera that lets passengers see the road and traffic ahead, without having to see their chauffeur. Separate sound systems front and rear let the owner listen to whatever they want, but let the driver listen to their own music on the move.

The Mercedes-Maybach S650 Pullman starts at 500,000 Euros. That's just over $804,000 Canadian using a direct conversion, although Canadian pricing wasn't revealed. Expect that number to climb once you're done with the options and custom paint list.