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Hyundai Teases 333-470 km Range All-Electric Kona

Hyundai has published a teaser image and preliminary details of an all-electric version of its compact Kona crossover, a vehicle the Korean automaker promises will offer about 470 km of driving range according to European calculations.

That figure would handily leapfrog the official 383 km promised by the Chevrolet Bolt, the current leader in mainstream EV range. Presuming a price tag befitting the gas Kona's entry-level crossover status, the Kona BEV would give Hyundai the most driving range of any mainstream EV currently available.

But Hyundai Canada's public relations manager, Chad Heard, tempered our enthusiasm, citing Europe's more optimistic method of calculating EV driving range. 

"In Europe, the Ioniq Electric has a stated estimated range of 280 km," he said. "But it's 200 km here."

Hack a similar 29 percent off the Kona's estimated range and you end up with 334 km.

Naturally, a lot could change between now and the Kona EV's European market launch in summer 2018, but even that lesser spec would put the Kona EV near the front of the class for mainstream EVs.

Hyundai says it will offer the Kona EV with two powertrain options, and we presume the second will be less expensive, with a smaller battery and less range. The electric Kona will share showroom space with the brand's existing electrified models, the 2018 Hyundai Ioniq and the Sonata PHEV.

More details will come on February 27, ahead of the car's global reveal in early March at the Geneva auto show. As for when the Kona EV will arrive in Canada, Heard said he'll have news on that front after the Geneva show.