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Toyota Prius Prime To Go On Sale Across Canada

The 2018 Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid will be sold across Canada after its success in Quebec over the last seven months, the automaker announced Sunday night.

On sale since May 2017, Toyota says it has sold more than 700 units in the province, which was being used as a test market for the model.

With a range of more than 1,000 kilometres on a tank of fuel, Toyota says the plug-in hybrid model could be driven from Vancouver to Calgary, or Toronto to Quebec City. The Prius Prime has a range of 40 kilometres on electric power alone when fully charged.

Before rebates in various jurisdictions, the Prius Prime starts at $32,990. It can also be had with an Upgrade Package, which is new for 2018, for $35,445 and the Technology Package trim retails at $38,570.

Canadians in three provinces will benefit from rebates when they purchase a Prius Prime, the largest being Ontario’s proposed $7,095 reduction, which is awaiting government approval, Toyota said.

Quebec offers a $4,000 discount and British Columbia’s rebate is $2,500.

It will go on sale by the end of January across Canada, said the company.