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Nissan's Juke Jives No More

Nissan's Juke was one of the first subcompact crossovers. With bold styling, and surprising power, the sporty Juke had torque vectoring and even a 215 hp NISMO sport trim available [with some of the best seats in the history of CUVs - Ed].

But after seven model years, the ageing Juke can sidestep the competition no more. Nissan is dropping the model for 2018.

The news was confirmed earlier today by a Nissan spokesperson, but a look at the sales charts this year shows that the decision has been coming.

Last year, the Juke sold 4,442 units in Canada. That's just shy of being the second-best sales year for the subcompact crossover. This year, though, sales dropped sharply.

It started from January, where Juke sales dropped from 341 in 2016 to just 143 this year. It didn't get better from there. In October, Nissan sold just 15 Jukes. A look at new car listings shows just 30 new 2017 Jukes, so there aren't many left on dealer lots. 

The Juke is replaced by the slightly larger, slightly lower powered, and brightly coloured but more subdued styling of the difficult to spell Qashqai.

That CUV arrived last year and filled in the tiny space between the Juke and the larger Rogue. It looks like the (sales)room wasn't big enough for the three of them.