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Polestar Video Tries to Define the New Brand

Polestar is a race team turned in-house Volvo tuning company that is now becoming an automaker in their own right. The brand has been split off from Volvo in order to develop and market high-performance electrified cars.

Instead of rebadged (and surprisingly quick) or top-trim Volvos, Polestar will now make their own stand-alone cars. Polestar's first model will be launched next Tuesday at an event in Shanghai. Leading up to the event, they've been posting puzzle pieces of the new car on their Instagram account. But before the big reveal, the performance car maker wants to define what their new brand is. By telling us what it isn't.

And it isn't a lot of things. This is a video full of noes. But all of those noes are things that make cars bad. No committees, no buzzwords, no compromises. And no to something else. Which Polestar says will make them No. 1.

There are a lot of big claims about the... excesses that have been left out, but if you're excited for the future of Polestar's electric performance, you'll have to wait for next Tuesday. See you then. In the meantime, watch this clip and see if you can get a look at the new car's curves.