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Koenigsegg Smashes Chiron 0-400-0 Record

A few weeks ago, Bugatti announced a record-setting 0-400 km/h-0 run of just under 42 seconds. But records are made to be broken. So Koenigsegg brought out an Agera RS.

Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg had previously said that they wanted a run at the record using the hybrid Regera. But an existing Agera RS owner was " very keen for us to verify the car’s performance in comparison to other manufacturers." Oh, well ok then. If you insist.

So Koenigsegg test driver Niklas Lilja took the RS to Vandel Airfield, in Denmark. The car was a US spec model. The twin-turbo 5.0L V8 had the 1MW (that's 1MW as in one MegaWatt: 1,360 hp) engine upgrade package. It also had the optional removable roll cage, which is good if you're planning to run past 400 km/h.

The run was planned for a German test facility, but a bad weather forecast ruled out those plans. Fortunately, the team was able to book the Danish track for a good weather day on October 1st.

The 2,800m runway was closed in 2003, and is now the largest solar farm in Scandinavia. But 14 years of closure and harsh winters haven't done the surface any favours. Watch Lilja in the video as he steers more than you would expect, dealing with potholes and bumps.

On the record-attempt run, the car hit wheelspin even at 183 km/h, in third gear. It blasted to 400 km/h in just 26.88 seconds, taking 1,958 metres. It took another 94 metres for Lilja to get on the brakes, and the carbon ceramic discs stopped the Agera RS in just 9.56 seconds, covering another 483 metres.

The official record-setting run from 0-400-0 clocked in at 36.44 seconds. That smashed the Chiron by almost five seconds. Check out the video to watch the full record run.