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Do Canadians Trust Autonomous Vehicles?

Almost every automaker has revealed autonomous car plans, but what isn't as prominent is how drivers, or maybe they're more accurately now described as passengers, feel about self-driving cars. A new study sheds some light on it.

The study comes from Canadian automotive consulting firm DesRosiers. It asked Canadians "whether they would trust an autonomous vehicle to take them to their destination, and whether they would replace their own vehicle with an autonomous one."

Turns out that over half of respondents said that they would trust an autonomous vehicle to bring them to their destination. But just barely more than half, at 50.0 percent. Unsurprisingly, DesRosiers found that younger respondents were more willing to adopt the technology.

When it comes to replacing your car with an autonomous one, automakers still have a way to go to win over consumers. The study found that just 30 percent of respondents said that they would be willing to make that leap.

When it comes to the different provinces, Quebec is the leader when it comes to trusting autonomous tech: 56.8 percent of respondents there said they would trust an autonomous vehicle. Ontario was next, with 51 percent of consumers trusting self-driving cars. Closely following Ontario were the Atlantic provinces (50.1 percent).

Western Canadians were less likely to trust the cars, with BC at 46.1 percent, Alberta at 45.9, and Manitoba and Saskatchewan at 45.1 percent.