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Honda Urban EV Concept is the Prettiest EV Yet

Honda has unveiled its most adorable vehicle ever - and a production model is coming in 2019! The production model will most likely be different, and will hopefully have a much better name, but this concept is still brilliant. 

The Honda Urban EV Concept is retro cool, cuter than a Pokemon and frankly, looks like it would be balls-out fun to drive. A bench seat is accessed by rear-hinged doors, and the wood dash is as slick and stylish as the wood dashboards in BMW's i3 models.

The whole thing is just gorgeous, right down to the cheerful welcome messages in the virtual grill display. 

It's also, as you'll see in the gallery, very much reminiscent of the original Civic hatches from the 1970s. 

The Urban EV Concept is all part of Honda's plan to have 60 percent of its global sales electrified by 2030, and in Europe, by 2025. 

In fact, Honda claims to have an EV, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or fuel-cell option available on its entire model range in Europe by 2019. 

Working toward that goal, Honda also unveiled its CR-V Hybrid prototype, which will be a production model in late 2018.