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All New Jaguars and Land Rovers Electrified from 2020, plus EV E-type

The big cat is going electric. Jaguar Land Rover announced today that starting in 2020, all of their new vehicles will be electrified. But if they all look as good as the electric E-Type that was unveiled at the same time, then it's not a bad thing.

Electrified doesn't mean EV only. It means that they will have plug-in and mild hybrids, as well as some full EVs. The first all-electric Jaguar will be the brand's I-Pace SUV that is slated to go on sale next year. It's not clear which models will be the first to gain hybrid powertrains, but batteries will make their way through the Jaguar and Land Rover lineups.

Jaguar is not the first automaker to announce the electric shift. Aston Martin said last week that they will do the same thing by 2025. And Volvo announced just a few months ago that their new cars will all see electrification starting in 2019.

For smaller automakers that small large and high-performance cars and SUVs, electrification seems to be the best path to meet looming emission requirements and fuel economy targets. If you can't sell a small efficient car to balance out your big-power cars or SUVs, like Aston Martin attempted with the short-lived Signet, then electrification of your existing cars is a good plan.

Now about that electric E-type. It's a 1968 Series 1.5 roadster that has dropped the inline six for an electric drivetrain.

Dubbed the E-type Zero, the car was built and engineered by Jaguar Land Rover Classic, the company's new restoration and upgrade shop.

The electric powertrain generates 295 hp, giving the E-electric a 0-100 km/h run of 5.5 seconds. About a second and a half quicker than the gas car. Combined with the lightweight Li-Ion battery, the system is 46 kg lighter than the stock car. Range is quoted at 270 km "real world."

Even more intriguing, Jaguar says that the electric powertrain could replace any of the company's classic XK six-cylinders. That means cars like the XK12, Mk2, and even the XJ6 sedan. Could the dawn of the electric classic be here?

Both announcements were part of the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest this week in London.