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Towed Car Dragged With Driver in It Causing Chaos

Getting your car repossessed can be traumatic - but nobody will have a story that beats this one uploaded to Facebook by Nyiesha McDonald.

The post shows a tow truck dragging a Nissan through several stops signs, a school zone and across multiple intersections until Police finally arrive. The car's brakes are locked on, and the car swings wildly behind the tow truck as the stunned onlookers film. 

When the Police arrive, the tow-truck driver can be heard telling onlookers he was trying to repossess the vehicle. 

This is dangerous on multiple levels, and if the tow truck operators are licensed repossession agents there's a good chance they won't be for long after this video. 

Warning - the video contains extremely strong language. 

What's your wildest tow truck story?