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Five Real-Life Transformers You Can Buy Today

The future is here.

There’s a new Transformers movie coming out this week, and we here at love our car-related movies.

Sure, we could do another piece on Bumblebee, but everyone has now, so what’s the point?

Nope, we were inspired to look at the real-life transformers you can buy on showroom floors, right now, today. Sure, they probably can’t save the universe or battle armies, but they do look cool as hell – and isn’t that the whole point in the first place?

Lexus LFA Instrument Cluster

First debuted in the Lexus LFA, Lexus’s trick sliding instrument cluster is a gnarly bit of Transformers-style tech. The whole binnacle slides over to reveal more information, or to sharpen the display and make it more driver-focused. And unlike the movie, this isn’t cheesy CGI – there is a physical gauge here that moves.

Porsche Panamera Wing

The 2018 Porsche Panamera is a significant visual upgrade over the previous model, and part of that is a funky new rear wing that looks like something out of a Michael Bay extravaganza. No longer a simple pop-up – the new wing lifts, separates and expands. Also, it provides mad downforce.

Honda Fit HR V Magic Seats

Is it a compact economy car, or a cargo van? Why not both? Honda’s ability to make the most of interior space is enviable and commendable. Want proof? We jammed 11 fat journos into one!

Stow and Go

On a similarly conventional-yet-cool note, Chrysler deserves bulk points for Stow ’n’ Go. A minivan that can haul your entire family, a bit of drywall, or even the week’s lumber yard project at essentially the tug of a lever. Stow ’n’ Go literally transforms Chrysler's family of minivans into multi-purpose vehicles the military would be envious of.

Mazda MX-5 Retractable Hardtop

Is Mazda the only car with a retractable hard top? Of course not. But it’s one of the very coolest. The function of this roof is pure theatre, made even more impressive by the tiny space in which it has to work.

Other cool roofs can be found in the Porsche 911 Targa, and the Volkswagen Eos – which even included a sunroof embedded in the folding hard top.


Pal V Liberty Flying Car – This Dutch company claims their flying car will be on sale by 2018, but if we’re honest. We’re skeptical. Still, any vehicle that can be a plane or a car depending on your whim deserves a mention here!