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Newest Super-Special Bentley Has a Dashboard Falcon

To most automakers, the sport part of sport utility vehicle means the occasional dirt road, and maybe a kayak or a bike rack on top. To Mulliner, Bentley's customization division, the sports are as luxurious as the vehicles. Forget about bike racks on the trailer hitch, this year's special has three falcon perches, including one in the centre console.

Bentley calls the new Bentayga Falconry by Mulliner "the ultimate accessory for the falconry enthusiast." While that's probably a small market, we're guessing it overlaps heavily onto the market of Bentley owners. The real purpose of the car, as Mulliner director Geoff Dowding said, is to "showcase what’s possible with our skilled craftspeople."

The main features are two cork-trimmed units in the cargo area; a flight station and a refreshment case. These sit on a movable tray for easy access and stowage. Under the flight station is a storage tray with compartments for a GPS bird tracker, binoculars, and hand-crafted leather bird hoods and gauntlets (which Mulliner is happy to also supply). The refreshment case holds three metal flasks, cups, a blanket, and face cloths to help you freshen up.

Of course, it also has three perches for your Falcons to rest. There are two in the rear cargo area and a removable one that is integrated into the centre armrest. The cargo area has a cover that gives the owner shade and comfort while they ready their birds.

In the dash is one of the most notable features of the special Bentayga. Mulliner has used 430 pieces of wood to create an inlay of a saker falcon in the desert. It takes nine days to  hand assemble, along with numerous inspections. Mulliner uses natural cork fabric for the trim, because they say that in addition to being sustainable that it is "perfectly suited to harsh, rugged environments."

If you absolutely must have this for yourself, Bentley will be happy to supply it. But you'll need to bring your own falcon.