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Tesla Recalls Model S and Model X For Parking Brake Flaw

Electric car manufacturer Tesla has recalled more than 53,000 examples of its Model S sedan and Model X crossover globally to fix parking brakes that could get stuck in the engaged position.

Tesla says the electric parking brake mechanism contains a small gear that was poorly manufactured, a flaw it blames on the supplier of that part. The good news is that if the gear breaks, the car won't roll away. On the downside, the brake will be stuck on, rendering the car undriveable (unless you want to fry the rear brake discs). The faulty part has no effect on the car's hydraulic braking system.

The potentially bad parts were installed on cars built between February and October 2016, with Tesla estimating that about five per cent of the cars in question will actually need a replacement part. The manufacturer will notify owners of cars that need the repair, which it says will take less than 45 minutes; repairs to affected cars will begin immediately, but Tesla says it won't have enough parts to fix them all until October of this year.