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Tesla Will Fix Model S Damaged in Daring Autobahn Rescue for Free

Electric car maker Telsa has volunteered to pay for damages to a Model S that occurred earlier this week when an owner used their car as a bumper to save a life.

According to German newspaper Muenchner Merkur, the driver of the Tesla Model S was driving on the A9 Autobahn near Garching, Germany, just north of Munich. He saw a car moving erratically and when he moved alongside it saw that the driver was hanging limply in the car, unable to control the vehicle. Reports later suggest that the driver may have suffered from a stroke.

So Manfred Kick pulled his Model S in front of the Volkswagen Passat and braked gently until the vehicles touched. He then used his Tesla to slow both cars to a stop and called emergency services. The unconscious driver of the Passat was taken to hospital, and was reported to be in stable condition.

This act of heroism may well have saved multiple lives, but it did come at a cost. Kick's Tesla suffered around $14,000 in damages. Tesla CEO Elon Musk learned about the damages and has volunteered to have Tesla repair the car free of charge. After this, don't be surprised to see Autopilot gain the ability to automatically take the driver to the hospital in future updates.