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Maybach Builds Bigger, Bolder, Drop-Top G-Class

Electric and self-driving cars are dominating headlines these days, but if you're feeling a little tired of too much tech, then Mercedes-Maybach has just the thing. Some good old-fashioned opulence wrapped in a big steel shell of outrageous. The most comfortable way to be driven over some of the worst terrain imaginable. The twin-turbo V12 powered open topped G 650 Landaulet.

The G 650 takes the standard 2017 Mercedes-Benz G-Class and ups everything. The power, the off-road capability, the luxurious interior. The only thing that they lower is the roof, with the namesake electric soft-top lowering to expose the rear seats to the sky.

The heart of the Maybach G-Wagen is a twin-turbo AMG V12. It delivers 630 hp and a nice round 1000 N m of torque (738 lb-ft). The G 650 rides on portal axles from the G 550 4x4 squared, which raise the axle above the center of the wheel to increase ground clearance to 450 mm. The tires are an equally extravagant 325/55 on 22-inch wheels. All three differentials can fully lock and the transfer case has a low range for serious crawling.

With all that hardware outside, Mercedes-Maybach has upped the luxury inside. The landaulet body style is biased toward rear passengers, and that holds true here. The wheelbase has been extended 578 mm to increase room for passengers. The rear seats will fully recline and have massage function and an adjustable calf rest. The passengers have heated and cooled cup holders, and there are airplane-style folding tables in the center console. The back seat has its own air conditioning controls and a button to open and close the top. Each seat has a separate 10.0-inch entertainment system display. There is even a powered glass partition to separate driver from rear-seat occupants. It's all upholstered in high-grade upholstery with diamond stitching, two-tone fabrics and four trim colours.

If that sounds up your alley, the Mercedes-Maybach G 650 Landaulet is being limited to a run of just 99, with production starting this fall. So you'll want to act fast.