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Audi Recalls 84,000 Cars for Water Leaks, Overheating

Transport Canada and Audi have recalled more than 84,000 of the brand's models sold between 2011 and 2017 to fix water leaks and troublesome engine coolant pumps.

The water leak recall affects 36,349 examples of the Q5 compact crossover. In these cars, the panoramic sunroof's water drainage tubes could become blocked or damaged, a situation that could direct water into the side curtain airbag canister. Over time, that moisture will lead to corrosion of the airbag canister, causing to weaken and fracture; deployment of the damaged airbag could propel metal fragments into the cabin, causing injury to the vehicle's occupants.

Audi is instructing its dealer technicians to inspect the cars for evidence of water leaks and disassemble the headliner and trim to examine the airbag for corrosion. If light surface rust is evident, the technician will apply a wax to prevent it from worsening; in the case of more severe rust, the airbag inflator will be checked for robustness and replaced when necessary.

The second recall applies to 47,704 cars, including the Q5 (again), along with the A4 sedan, A5 coupe, A6 and Allroad models. In these vehicles, the electric engine coolant pump could become blocked by debris from the cooling system, causing the pump to labour or get stuck. If that happens, its electric motor could overheat and increase the risk of a fire.

Audi's fix here is to update the software controlling the pump's operation to cut off power to the pump if it becomes blocked. The drive would be alerted to the blocked pump through the illumination of the "check engine" or malfunction indicator light.