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Genesis Luxury Car Brand Launches in Canada

Hyundai is officially launching their Genesis brand in Canada today. The new luxury brand, known as Genesis Motors Canada, will be separate from Hyundai stores, and will have a sales model that is much like what Tesla is attempting for their own sales outlets in the US. The line will start with two models, the G80 mid-size sedan and the G90 full-size sedan. The company is planning six models by 2021, including a sports coupe, smaller sedan, and an SUV. The G90 is a replacement for the Equus, and the G80 is the luxury sedan formerly known as the Genesis.

The sales model will have some features that are unique in the Canadian market. For starters, the pricing is all-inclusive. That means no freight charges added to the sticker, and it also means that there will be a no negotiations model like the one that drove high satisfaction scores when Saturn championed it. The price also includes five years or 100,000 km maintenance and navigation map updates. Genesis offers a concierge service that will pick up and drop off the car at the owner's home when service is needed.

To start, Genesis cars will be sold only online. This will be facilitated by "Genesis at Home" experience managers who will bring the Genesis to the customer for test drives or final delivery. All paperwork, financing included, can be done via the Genesis website. This direct manufacturer to brand sales model has proven difficult for Tesla to introduce in the US, but the rules are different in Canada, and direct sales are allowed.

Starting mid-2017, the brand will be opening stores in malls across the country. Genesis says that they will "offer a luxury shopping experience in a sophisticated store setting." Having their locations in malls should certainly increase exposure to the brand, but runs the risk of getting Cinnabon on the leather.

After the initial roll out, the brand does expect to expand into a more traditional dealer network as well. Genesis expects to open around 30 stand-alone Genesis stores by 2021, with the first opening in early 2017. The G80 and G90 sedans are available to order on the Genesis website now.