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Sunroof, Airbag Flaws Prompt Hyundai Recall of 27,000 Vehicles

Hyundai and Transport Canada have recalled nearly 27,000 vehicles to fix faulty sunroof and airbag components.

The airbag recall affects 15,756 examples of the Genesis Coupe sold between 2010 and 2016. In these cars, a connector for the front passenger airbag's occupant classification system (OCS) could become disconnected if objects or debris end up under the front passenger seat and the seat is subsequently moved. The OCS tells the car if a person in that front seat is a full-sized adult or a smaller adult or child, and adjusts the force with which the airbag deploys. If the OCS is inactive, the airbag defaults to full power, and could injure a child or small adult. The inactive OCS may also cause the airbag's second stage to fail to deploy, further increasing the risk of injury.

Hyundai is instructing its dealers to secure the OCS connector to prevent it from becoming disconnected.

The second Hyundai recall applies to more than 11,000 Sonata sedans sold as 2015 and 2016 models. On cars fitted with the optional panoramic sunroof, the wind deflector that deploys when the roof is open may become partially detached and interfere with the sunroof as it closes. Transport Canada says that could cause the sunroof's glass panel to separate from the vehicle and, if the car is in motion, send it flying.

In this case, dealers will repair the wind deflector on the affected cars.