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Formula E Shows Off With Some Icy Donuts

Formula E is about more than just making a fast and near-silent race car. It's about pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology. Developing better batteries, faster charging. About building more powerful and more efficient motors. And then taking that technology and putting it into road cars.

That push is part of reacting to the effects of burning fossil fuels in cars. Electric vehicles don't eliminate that, but they can greatly decrease our impact on the environment. Burning less fuel is good for the planet, but people are passionate about performance and about their cars. That passion sometimes drives a resistance to move away from fossil fuels (gasoline and diesel).

Formula E showcases sustainability. The cars are electric, the Michelin tires are designed for all weather conditions and to last for a full race, then they are recycled. The races are held near public transit, and even the schedule is designed for optimal shipping and lowering their carbon footprint in every way.

So how do you show the world that your sustainable racing series is here and serious, and also bring attention to the global warming you are trying to help address? You drop one of your cars, some studded Michelins, and driver Lucas di Grassi on the rapidly shrinking Greenland Ice Cap. Then you let him do donuts. And the result is spectacular.

The Formula E season begins October 9th, in Hong Kong.