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Chevrolet Reveals Bolt EV Range

Chevrolet has revealed that their Bolt EV will come with a range that will beat the Tesla Model 3 estimate by nearly 40 km. The 2017 Bolt will achieve a range of just shy of 400 km; 383 km to be exact, according to GM Canada.  Which means that if you get a tailwind you could just about drive from Toronto to Ottawa on a single charge of the electric hatchback, though likely under ideal conditions.

The long range should do much to help reduce the range anxiety that many drivers feel when it comes to electric cars. The 383 km range will get you to the next charger almost anywhere in the country, and gets the low-cost EV very close to the range of a gasoline car on a tank of gas. Chevrolet had promised to deliver an EV with a 320 km range and they have managed to smash that goal.

The Tesla Model 3 may have more pre-orders, and may offer slightly faster acceleration, but the Bolt EV now appears it will offer longer range, and arrive much sooner to market. With the Model 3 arriving at some vague date in the future, announced as late 2017 in the U.S. but no date in Canada, the Bolt EV will arrive in Canadian dealerships in early 2017, GM Canada confirmed, with a limited number hitting the U.S. market by the end of 2016.

Canadian prices for the Bolt haven't been announced, but have been promised by the end of the year.