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Jaguar and Land Rover Let You Drive Their Classics on Ice and Snow

Jaguar and Land Rover have decided that an experience driving around on ice and snow at their northern Sweden winter test facility in a handful of their newest models just wasn't quite enough fun. So for 2017 they are offering something even better. They are offering enthusiasts the experience of driving some of their classic models on the icy test track.

The offerings include such historic Jags as the 1960's MKII, the MKVIII saloon of the late '50s, and the XK 150 sports coupe. On the Land Rover side, Series I, II, and III Landies will be available (the models you may better know as the very earliest Defenders), along with a Range Rover Classic (the first Range Rover). The drivers will be given specialist instruction and comprehensive tuition. Driving the classics, with their narrow tires, vintage handling, and complete lack of electronic aids will be a massive change to any drivers used to modern cars. As will be the lack of modern heaters or even a roof more sturdy than the canvas on the Land Rovers.

Customers of the Classic Ice Driving Academy will also get to experience the current F-Pace SUV, F-Type sports coupe, and the Range Rover Sport SUV. Tuition for the three-day experience is approximately $4,400 Canadian (depending on the exchange) and includes two nights accommodations. Just don't forget the choke, give it a little gas, and maybe bring some starter fluid.